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Hassle-free returns
Give your buyers the confidence to shop—and shop more often—with an easy-to-understand return policy.
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Manage returns, 
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Make returns easy
Save time and cultivate loyal buyers with hassle-free returns
Give buyers what they’re looking for
According to a recent UPS study*, more than 86% of online shoppers review a return policy during their purchase process–and many of those buyers make their decisions based on the ease and clarity of that policy. That’s why it’s more important than ever to offer buyers a clear, concise return policy.
eBay hassle-free returns is the easy way to offer and manage the kind of confidence-inspiring return policy that can help boost sales.
It's easy to establish and manage returns
When start using hassle-free returns, you can take advantage of the following benefits right away:

  • Accept returns only on the listings you choose–it’s always up to you whether to offer a return policy on your listings
  • Communicate with your buyers at any time using eBay member to member email
  • Offer replacements in addition to refunds
  • Configure automation rules to streamline your business even further–for example, when you wish to refund the buyer but don’t want the item shipped back if it’s under $10
  • An eBay return label is provided automatically to the buyer requesting a return
  • Return shipping tracking is automatically uploaded with the eBay return label so you can track the status of the return—and see when it will be delivered back to you
  • Return shipping shipping cost will never exceed the original shipping price if you used eBay labels for the original shipment
  • Starting in mid-September 2014, automatic refund to the buyer after six business days once the item has been delivered to the seller and as long as the seller has not asked eBay to step in and help
Save time managing the refund process, get your final value fees credited automatically, and relist for FREE!
Once you receive your returned item, you issue a refund with the click of a button. Your final value fees automatically show up as a credit on your next invoice. And you can relist for free! You no longer have to wait for a buyer to confirm they received the refund before your fees are returned.
You're protected
eBay has safeguards in place to help protect you against buyers who misuse returns. For example, if you suspect a buyer chose your item description as the reason for their return to avoid paying return shipping, or to circumvent the stated terms of the return-item condition policy, don’t issue a refund. Simply click the “Dispute Return” button on the refund-item page or in your return status email, which allows eBay to step in and help.
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How it works
The buyer prints a return shipping label in My eBay. You’re automatically notified that a return has been initiated.
Once you receive the item back, inspect it and—if it’s okay—click the "issue a refund" link right from My eBay. 
Talk to the buyer at any time along the way through the eBay member-to-member communication system.
If you suspect a buyer is taking advantage, click the “Dispute Return” button on the refund-item page and eBay will review.
Once you've issued a refund, your final value fees are automatically credited and you can relist your returned item for free!
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