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eBay Motors parts compatibility

Now available for Motorcycle Parts & Accessories and Boat Parts & Accessories

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Use parts compatibility to save on insertion fees and boost search exposure

In addition to Car & Truck and Vintage Car & Truck Parts & Accessories sub-categories, parts compatibility is now available in Motorcycle Parts & Accessories and Boat Parts & Accessories categories.(see exception categories below).

Listings with parts compatibility information make it fast and easy for buyers to find parts for a specific make and model and for sellers to add a single listing for parts that fit multiple vehicles. This convenient and familiar way to shop for parts means more buyers, faster sales, and fewer buyer questions. Learn more and view demos about this feature for Parts & Accessories sellers on eBay Motors.


Save listing time, save on Insertion Fees. With parts compatibility, you can create one Auction-style or Fixed Price listing describing a single part and—for no extra cost—add a complete list of compatible vehicles. Parts compatibility eliminates the need to list one part multiple times for all compatible vehicles, which means a huge savings in Insertion Fees and time spent managing and creating listings.

Get a boost in search results. Listing with parts compatibility helps get your relevant items in front of buyers via search. Since both the compatibility information in your listing and your title are used to match the buyer's search, you can now use all 80 characters in your title for popular search elements like brand name and part number. That means you'll show up in more—and more relevant—buyer searches.

Take Action

As with any new listing feature or practice, it's best to test to determine the most efficient listing strategy for your business. With that in mind, we recommend the following steps:

  • Check your on-site inventory for eligibility and determine which listings you'll want to include parts compatibility.
  • Gather the information needed—Brand names, part numbers, and compatible cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats.
  • Create a new parts compatibility listing in one or more of the available categories. Check that all compatible vehicle types appear in the compatibility section in your new listing. Best Match uses this information along with your title to help determine relevance to a buyer's search.
  • Since Best Match uses compatibility information as well as your title to determine relevance, use all 80 characters of your title for other popular search elements like brand names and part numbers for a chance to show up in more relevant searches. Including compatibility in your title will not increase exposure, but make it more difficult for buyers to find you. See FAQs for examples.
  • Consolidate your existing listings. If you currently have multiple listings for one product, consolidate them into a single parts compatibility listing and avoid violating eBay's Duplicate Listing Policy. Learn more about our Duplicate Listing Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is parts compatibility?

Parts compatibility is a better way for sellers to list parts that fit a variety of vehicles. It's also a great way for buyers to find parts that fit their car, truck, boat or motorcycle. With parts compatibility listings, you can create one listing describing a single part and add a complete list of compatible vehicles. This eliminates the need to list one part multiple times to ensure all compatible cars, trucks, boat or motorcycles are found in search.

Why should I use parts compatibility listings?

Using parts compatibility, you can include a detailed list of compatible vehicles for a single part right in one listing, reducing the number of listings you need to create. Compatibility information appears on the item page and is searchable. You can then use your 80 character title for popular search elements like brand or part number to better market your listing.

What is the benefit of using parts compatibility?

We developed the parts compatibility feature to help you run your business more smoothly by simplifying listing creation and management and reducing repetitive listing. Buyers will be able to find parts faster and with more confidence the part will fit, resulting in fewer returns and inquiries. Plus, fewer listings mean you pay less in fees.

Do I have to use parts compatibility in my listing?

No, using parts compatibility is currently optional. However, listings that display compatible vehicle data created with the new feature will help get your relevant items in front of buyers via search and helps to avoid using multiple listings for the same item, a violation of eBay's Duplicate Listing Policy.

In what categories can I list with parts compatibility?

Parts compatibility is now available in most Car & Truck, Vintage Car & Truck, Boat Parts & Accessories and Motorcycle Parts & Accessories on eBay Motors. The following categories (category numbers in parentheses) are currently excluded:

  • Car &Truck Parts - Wheel + Tire Packages (#66479)
  • Car &Truck Parts - Decals, Emblems & Detailing (#50444)
  • Vintage Car &Truck Parts - Wheel + Tire Packages (#140748)
  • Vintage Car &Truck Parts - Decals, Emblems & Detailing (#80736)
  • Motorcycle Parts - Decals, Emblems (#35570)

We will announce the release of parts compatibility listings in additional categories as they become available.

Will I get better search visibility if I use parts compatibility?

Consolidating your listings using the parts compatibility feature may help your visibility in Best Match search results.

How does the new listing process work?

There are two ways to list with parts compatibility:

  1. Search for your product in eBay's parts catalog while you are listing your item. A complete list of vehicles that your part fits will appear in your listing.
  2. If you do not find a match for your product in our catalog, fill in necessary compatibility information—for tires and wheels by specification; for all other parts by vehicle details.

Please note: eBay's parts catalog currently includes car and truck products only. Motorcycle products are currently not included in our catalog.

Why is the listing flow different for some sub-categories?

For parts with clearly defined specifications like tires and wheels, you'll be asked to provide details about the part itself. For example, specifications for tires include width, aspect ratio, rim diameter, load index, and speed rating.

For all other parts, you'll be asked to provide details about the vehicle with which the part is compatible. These details include year, make, model, engine, and trim.

For tires, specify compatible vehicles using the comprehensive eBay catalog. Or use Item Specifics—Section Width, Aspect Ratio, Rim Diameter, Load Index and Speed Rating. For Wheels, use Rim Width, Rim Diameter, Bolt Pattern and Offset. Make sure you exclude any special characters (e.g. #,*,$,%) in Item Specifics for your listings to trigger compatible vehicles in View Item and Search.

How do I list using parts compatibility?

On the Sell Your Item form:

  1. Identify your category, e.g., Discs, Rotors, & Hardware

  2. Provide details about your part in the "Find your Product" screen. Our eBay catalog currently includes Car & Truck Parts & Accessories categories only.

  3. Review the parts returned from the eBay catalog:

    If you see too many parts, you can narrow down your search by adding more information in the "Find Your Part" box on the page:

  4. When you find your part, choose "Select:", then confirm in the "Confirm Parts Details" pop-up window.

  5. If you can't find your part or if you prefer to enter the information manually, you can use the "Specify Part Compatibility" area when you create your listing. Below is the "Specify Part Compatibility" area Car & Truck Parts, Motorcycle Parts, or Boat Parts when you create your listing:

    Below is the "Specify Part Compatibility" area for Motorcycle Parts when you create your listing:

    Below is the "Specify Part Compatibility" area for Boat Parts when you create your listing:

  6. Your listing will now show your product details and will display a table that shows all compatible vehicles in the Description tab below the Item Specifics section, if applicable:

How are the compatible vehicles displayed in my listing?

For parts, tires and wheels, the compatible cars, trucks or motorcycles are listed in a "Compatibility" section in the item description just below the "Item Specifics" section. The buyer will see a list of all vehicles compatible with your part.

What are vehicle details?

Vehicle details include year, make, model, trim and engine. These are the details you can enter in the manual process.

What if I do not know or don't want to provide all the information about a compatible vehicle?

Even if you do not enter all the details (e.g., you provide year, make, model but not trim or engine), the list of compatible vehicles will still include compatible vehicles with the details you provide.

Example: A seller has a headlight that fits all 2002 Dodge Durango trucks. The seller chooses Year: 2002, Make: Dodge, and Model: Durango. The system recognizes that this 2002 Dodge Durango has multiple trims and engines. The system presents all compatible 2002 Dodge Durango trucks, with all trim and engine options, for inclusion in the vehicle compatibility list. Please note the system will return only information on vehicles using the details you provided (in this case 2002, Dodge, Durango).

What if my part is not in the eBay catalog?

If your part is not in the eBay catalog and you know which vehicles it is compatible with, you can add them to your listing by providing year, make and model of the compatible vehicles. It is optional to specify trim and engine information. Our eBay catalog currently includes Car & Truck Parts & Accessories categories only.

What if I disagree or am not sure if the compatible vehicles for my part are correct?

If you are unsure that the information returned to you when you input your part type, manufacturer, or number is accurate, use the manual process to input the vehicles you are sure fit the part you're selling.

Should I repeat the compatibility information in my title or description?

There is no need to repeat compatibility information in your listing title. Instead, use your title for popular search elements like brand, part type, MPN part number, equivalent OEM part number, part name, material, and any other part numbers (e.g., Platinum number). Some examples:

Old title: Ford Ranger 88/07 Short Bed New Tonneau Bed Cover 6ft.
New title: Freedon 9630 Black Tonneau Bed Cover 6 ft

Old title: 1992-1994 1995 Honda Civic EG6 Headlights+Vision
New title: JDM Blk Crystal Headlights w/Vision Amber Corner Lights

You can repeat compatibility information in your listing description, but this is not essential since this information will already be displayed on the compatibility tab and is used in search. Compatibility information in the description may not be surfaced in search.

Can I transfer compatible vehicle information in one of my existing listings into a new listing?

Yes, you can use information from your existing listing in a new listing with parts compatibility by using the "sell similar" or "relist" options in the Sell Your Item form. Be sure to create a new title using popular search elements like brand and part number with your new parts compatibility listing. Please be certain the information you transfer to your new listing is correct since you are responsible for presenting accurate information about compatible vehicles.

Do eBay tools support parts compatibility listings?

Yes, all eBay listing tools will support the new parts compatibility listing format for Parts & Accessories:

  • Sell Your Item (SYI)
  • Selling Manager Pro
  • Turbo Lister
  • File Exchange

View tutorials about how to list replacement parts and Tires & Wheels with SYI or Turbo Lister here.

I use a third party service to help create my listings. Can I still use the parts compatibility feature?

Check with your third party service provider or check here to find out which service provider will support this new feature.

If I use parts compatibility, how do buyers find my item?

Most buyers search for parts by entering the part description and information about their vehicle. With parts compatibility, your listing will appear each time a buyer searches for relevant parts by describing the vehicle—not just when the title matches the individual keywords.

With parts compatibility, search will return listings using the vehicles in the compatibility section of your listing and the keywords in your title. This means you can use your title for popular search elements such as brand or part number to better market your listings.

I live in Canada. Can I list with parts compatibility on the Canadian site?

Not at this time. However, Canadian sellers can list on the U.S. site to access the parts compatibility feature.

What will happen to U.S. parts listings on the Canadian (English) site?

Listings created on eBay.com with compatible vehicle data will be findable on eBay.ca. You should specify your product is available to ship to Canada in your listing.

Is listing with parts compatibility available internationally?

Not at this time. Listing with parts compatibility is only available on the U.S. site at this time.

How will U.S. listings with compatible vehicle information appear on non-U.S. sites?

Outside of the U.S. (eBay.com and eBay Motors) and Canada (English), compatible vehicle data will not appear on the item page, search results pages, or be used to surface or sort listings.

Are there any tools available to help me add compatibility information to my existing listings?

We are currently working with third-party providers to deliver tools to help you quickly and easily add compatibility information to your listings. We expect these tools to be available in mid-May. Please check back then for more information on these tools.


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