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Secure Email FAQs


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Why Is eBay Sending Me A Secure Message?

Protecting customer privacy and data is a priority at eBay. We use eBay Secured Email to provide a safe, quick, and secure way to email sensitive (restricted or confidential) information. Securing messages ensures that email and documents that contain sensitive data is not released to those who do not have a "need to know."




What Is eBay Secured Email?

eBay Secured Email uses email encryption to safely transmit the email's content across the Internet. 




What Does Encryption Mean?

Encryption is an electronic means of protecting a communication by altering it so that it is unintelligible to unauthorized parties. A message is encrypted by software that encodes the message, or wraps it in information so that only the designated recipient can open (or decode) it. 




How Does eBay Secured Email Work?

When a secure message is sent to you from eBay, you will receive notification via email informing you that eBay has a secure email message waiting for you. The email will contain a link connecting you with the eBay Secured Email webpage, where you will be able to view your email message. 


Sample of Notification

Sample of Notification

Sample of Login Page

Login Page


Sample of eBay Secured Email Web Interface

Sample of Secure Email Interface




Is eBay Secured Email Safer Than Regular Internet Email?

When you send regular email through the Internet, there is no guarantee of encryption or security. By contrast, in order to view or send eBay Secured Email messages, you must be logged on to the website with the User Name and Password you created when setting up your eBay Secured Email account. We use encryption to protect your private information. 




How Can I Tell That eBay Secured Email Is Secure?

Depending on your browser, you might see small image of a lock somewhere on your browser window in the lower left corner or right next to the browser address bar. Additionally, the website starts with https, rather than http. The 's' stands for secure. 




Do I Need Any Special Software To View eBay Secured Email?

No. eBay Secured Email uses a combination of email and html. So if you are able to access the Internet, you have everything you need to use eBay Secured Email. 




Can I Access My Secured Email From My Mobile Device?

Mobile devices are not currently supported. 




Do I Need A Username And Password To Open Secure Messages?

Yes. Your username is your email address, and was created when you were sent an encrypted email from eBay. You will create a password when setting up your eBay Secured Email account. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and it must include an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a digit and a punctuation mark. 





What If I Forget Or Want To Change My Password?

Use the "Forgot Password?" link when you attempt to open the secure message. You will then be emailed a link to use to change your password. 




Can I Send A Secure Message To eBay Through eBay Secured Email?

Yes. Go to the eBay Secured Email website and log on. You must know the eBay employee's email address to use this service. 




Can I Reply To Messages Sent From eBay Secured Email?

Yes. Simply select the 'Reply' button in the message, and your response will be encrypted. It is important to note that if you save it to your desktop or forward it, it will no longer be encrypted.




Can I Send And Receive Attachments Through eBay Secured Email?

Yes. The body of the email and all attachments are encrypted. 





What Is The Largest Attachment I Can Send Through eBay Secured Email?

10mb is the size limit for attachments.





How Long Are Messages Saved?

Messages are saved for 90 days, and inactive accounts are purged after one year. 




Will I Be Able To Save An Attachment To My Computer?

Yes. You may open attachments and save them to your computer's hard drive. It is important to note that if you save it to your desktop or forward it, it is no longer encrypted and will not require a password to open. 




Are There Any Precautions I Should Take In Sending eBay Secured Email?

Yes. Do not include confidential data in the subject line. The subject line is never encrypted. Include sensitive information in the body of your e-mail. 




Will eBay Secured Email Appear In My Messages On My eBay Account?

eBay's My Messages account is different than eBay Secured Email. You will receive messages in one or the other account, but not both at the same time. 





If I Have Anti-Virus Software Installed On My PC And I Try To Save A Secure Email Or Attachments, Will The Anti-Virus Software Scan Them For Viruses?

Only if you tell it to do so in your settings or preferences. Pease contact your Anti-virus software provider for further instruction on scanning attachments sent via email.



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