Product Manager isn’t a job. It’s a lifestyle.
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Our Mission

The eBay Product Management team is at the intersection of the awesome technology, design, and execution that helps eBay bring great experiences to millions of users worldwide. We collaborate with some of the best engineers, business teams, designers, and partners across the globe to design and execute on experiences to help our customers succeed, from selling the latest gadget to finding a vintage dress.

As Product Managers, our role is to help ideate, build a roadmap, design an experience, and lead through to execution. We have access to massive amounts of data and customer feedback that help drive our design and decision making. We come from many different backgrounds and experiences which helps make eBay a diverse, fast paced and exciting place to work.

Life Cycle of a Product.


How do we help our customers?

All new products or enhancements start as an idea: What will delight our buyers? What will make it easy to sell on eBay? As eBay Product Managers we are responsible for product vision: A compelling vision communicates how the product will help our customers, what the project will accomplish, and how success will be measured. It provides a guiding light for projects to contribute to eBay as a whole.

Product managers evangelize and prioritize projects across eBay in order to optimize our customer experience.


What do we need to do?

Once a product idea is prioritized, we define the features needed to realize the idea. We enumerate customer scenarios to help visualize the product. We mitigate risk by defining detailed plans and communicating proposed changes. We set timelines for each stage of the project and balance features with delivery commitments.

The technical depth of eBay Product Managers allows us to create a solid, feasible product definition in conjunction with the engineering teams.


We put it all together.

Although developers are responsible for building the solution, eBay Product Managers work hand-in-hand with developers, user experience researchers, and quality engineers to ensure the product vision is realized on time and as part of the larger eBay product. If delivery timelines change, or challenges arise, the Product Manager is responsible for determining the best path forward.

A top quality product is ultimately the Product Manager's responsibility and they must remain closely involved in the building stage.


Our hard work ships.

Once a product is built, it is ready to launch to eBay users. Initial launch may be to all eBay customers or through a targeted release or test. The results of targeted releases and tests are used to refine the final product that is released to all eBay customers. We find solutions to any issues that occur around the launch to ensure a smooth user experience.

This is an exciting time: The product is now live! As Product Managers, we communicate the product improvements within eBay and to our customers.


How did we do?

Once the new product is launched to eBay customers, Product Managers assess how well the product meets customer needs. Product Managers work with analysts to blend quantitative and qualitative sources of data to understand customer reactions and financial implications. The Product Manager then determines whether any changes need to be made to the new product. In addition, these analyses move us back to the start of the cycle with the next great product idea to improve our customers' lives.

Why Become a Product Manager?

“...being a PM at eBay you have a chance to really change things...” Valerie Nygaard, Search Science Ranking
“...we are building the next generation of eBay products....” Yossi Zomet, Search Backend
“'s cool to work on a page that has huge traffic...” Jason Fletchall, Buyer Experience
“...We help people shop and build their own businesses....” James Rubinstein, Search Metrics
“...I feel like a family here working at eBay...” Sophia Perl, Trust
“...I chose eBay mostly because of the culture...” Jason Fletchall, Buyer Experience
“...eBay is a great place in terms of learning and development...” Mayank Yadav, Trust
“...It is amazing that my family and friends use the product I am building...” Yossi Zomet, Search Backend
“...deliver the best e-commerce experience, come to eBay...” Sophia Perl, Trust

Product Management Roles.

Opportunities To Grow.

Your Growth Is Our Growth

Your first day at eBay marks the beginning of your career journey.

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Your career at eBay is based on a combination of on-the-job, real world experience plus training and development classes offered throughout the year. There are a wide variety of opportunities and roles for individuals based on their skills, passions, and desired career path.

Based on a development program established by you and your manager, you will have the opportunity to seek out mentorship, training, and learning opportunities that will extend your skill set in new ways.

  • Choose your path

    Interested in becoming a manager? We have training and development courses tailored to the career path you desire, whether you are interested in becoming a people manager or pursuing excellence as an individual contributor.
  • Sharpen Skills

    Take courses in areas such as leadership, customer analysis, project management, visual design, SQL, and more. Class is always in session!
  • Bootcamp

    Several times a year we offer a two day intensive training session for new team members to bring them up to speed on both eBay and product management best practices.
  • Networking

    At our regular product management lunches, we have engaging speakers from companies around Silicon Valley as well as exciting product updates from fellow eBay Product Managers.

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