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eBay Motors Security Center

Fraudulent Vehicle Purchase Protection Policy Page


eBay Motors provides Vehicle Purchase Protection for all vehicles purchased on eBay Motors. A vehicle purchased on eBay will always appear in the "Won" section of My eBay, and you will appear as the winning buyer on the vehicle listing page.

If you're buying on another site and someone offers eBay Purchase Protection or claims to be affiliated with eBay, it's probably a scam.

Example A

In this example, the scammer has copied the eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection policy page and added a form to capture your personal information – please do not provide personal or financial information to any suspicious- looking sites. For accurate policy information, please see the eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection terms and conditions.

Example B

Please be aware that the "easy steps" included in fraudulent emails often contain false information. Claims that an "eBay VPP Center" would verify a transaction or offer purchase protection as part of this process are false. Also note that eBay will never act as an intermediary for buyers and sellers during the payment process. Suggestions that a seller will notify eBay regarding the payment process or that eBay might act as an agent or escrow service are inaccurate. eBay does provide Vehicle Purchase Protection for vehicles purchased on the eBay site and appear in the "Won" section of My eBay, but the program does not guarantee any transactions, especially if they occur outside of eBay.