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Keywords on eBay - through AdMarketPlace

What is Keywords on eBay?
What are the benefits of Keywords on eBay to eBay Sellers?
How do I get started?
How does the auction for Keywords on eBay work?
How are rates determined?
Where does my banner ad link?
What is a campaign?
What is a keyword group?
What is cost-per-click pricing?
How do I bid on Keywords?

1. What is Keywords on eBay?
Keywords on eBay is a new pay-for-performance advertising service offered to eBay sellers and selected partners, through our relationship with Admarketplace. The service is designed to:
  • Effectively promote stores and merchandise on eBay
  • Drive more qualified bidders and buyers to eBay listings
  • Enable potential bidders and buyers to more easily find items of interest

This service enables eBay sellers to create and purchase keyword targeted banner ads on eBay. Advertising banners are displayed at the top of eBay results pages that are generated when users type in keywords or phrases to search for the items they are seeking. For instance, if a seller selects and is a winning bidder for the keyword "fishing", their banner will be displayed in rotation when a prospective buyer enters the word "fishing" into an eBay Search box. Keyword search terms can include products, product categories, brand names, eBay store names or eBay User Ids.

Keywords on eBay uses an online auction system that enables sellers to bid on a "cost- per-click" (CPC) basis for the opportunity to have their banner displayed on search results pages. Sellers only pay for the clicks they receive on their ad which take a prospective bidder or buyer through to that seller's store, listings or About Me page.

Keyword targeted advertising is a proven and powerful online promotional tool. Keywords on eBay now makes this tool available to sellers to promote their offerings to the bidders and buyers who search eBay over 79 million times a day. The service features an automated, self-service interface that provides the tools and resources needed to effectively set up and manage keyword campaigns on eBay.

2. What are the benefits of Keywords on eBay to eBay Sellers?
The primary benefits of the service to eBay sellers are the opportunity to:
  • Increase revenue - Sellers can generate revenue lift through increased traffic from banners displayed to highly qualified bidders and buyers.
  • Reduce cost/risk - With cost-per-click pricing, no matter how many people see an ad, sellers only pay when a potential bidder clicks on their ad.

In addition, sellers benefit from:
Increase visibility - With an ample 468x60 graphic banner ad and prominent placement on the sixth largest web site, your message will leap out to a large audience of potential customers

Control and flexibility - You can see what other sellers are willing to pay and adjust bids quickly to maximize exposure

Targeting - Your message will be displayed on relevant search results pages to bidders and buyers who have pre-qualified themselves by actively searching on a product, category or brand.

3. How do I get started?
To get started, enter the Keywords on eBay service at Here sellers will find a step-by-step guide to help them set up and organize their keyword advertising campaigns. A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and other detailed information are also available to help sellers quickly and effectively use the service.

A seller can get started and use the service through the following steps:

  1. Register to build an advertising campaign.
  2. Create your campaign with a campaign name, start date, and total budget.
  3. Create a keyword group for your campaign. Fill that group by selecting keywords or phrases that describe your offerings and target your customers.
  4. Place a maximum CPC bid for your keyword group.
  5. Create and upload a banner ad for your keyword group.
  6. Review a summary of your advertising campaign with budget and maximum CPC bid.
  7. Enter credit card or PayPal account number and approve amount to spend.
After these steps are completed an e-mail confirmation is sent. Once a seller's campaign is approved, the campaign is started and the banner is ready to run on eBay. A seller's banner will typically begin appearing on eBay within 1-2 days of approval or on a specified start date. A seller can then access reports detailing the campaign's activity and performance. These reports can be used to monitor and adjust keyword bids, banners and campaign budgets.
4. How does the auction for Keywords on eBay work?
In the auction for Keywords on eBay, you bid the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) that you are willing to pay for a user clicking on your banner. CPC means that you only pay when someone clicks on your banner. For instance, if you bid $0.25, you will be charged a maximum of $0.25 for every user that clicks on your ad. You will be ranked in the auction relative to other bidders based on your maximum CPC.
5. How are rates determined?
The rate you actually pay for clicks will not necessarily be your maximum CPC bid. The rate paid will be determined by taking the second highest bid and adding $.01. For example, if your maximum bid is $2.00 per click and your nearest bidder's maximum bid is $1.50 per click, you will pay $1.51 per click.

In summary, you control how much you are willing to pay for a given keyword as well as your total budget for each campaign. You will pay only for clicks and you will pay for those clicks up to the rate which you have established with your maximum bid. The overall cost of your program will not exceed the budget you have established
6. Where does my banner ad link?
A keyword banner ad can link to your eBay listings, eBay Store or About Me page
7. What is a campaign?
A campaign is a collection of banners and keywords with a specified maximum CPC bid and a total budget. Campaigns allow you to setup and categorize your keyword advertising programs by campaign objective and budget. You can name a campaign, set a total campaign budget, and organize the banners that support the campaign along with their associated keywords and CPC. Campaigns not only help you manage budgets and organize banners, but they will also be used for tracking and measuring performance of your keyword advertising programs over time.
8. What is a keyword group?
Each campaign is made up of one or more keyword groups. A keyword group is a group of keywords and phrases associated with 1 CPC bid and 1 banner. Keyword groups are used to organize bidding and banner activity for like keywords and phrases.
9. What is cost-per-click pricing?
Cost-per-click or CPC pricing is performance-based pricing in which you only pay when someone clicks on your banner.
10. How do I bid on Keywords?
When you set up a keyword group through the service, you specify a targeting keyword or multiple keywords for your banner. You also specify the maximum CPC for your keyword group, which serves as the maximum CPC for all the keywords included in that keyword group. The service will then automatically reduce the highest bidder's CPC to that of the second highest bidder plus $.01 for each keyword. Because of this, each keyword contained in a seller's keyword group will likely end up with a different rate for payment.

If you want to set a different maximum CPC bid for different keywords, you will need to create additional keyword groups each containing their own maximum CPC bid and set of keywords. While 1 keyword group can contain only 1 associated banner, a banner can be associated with multiple keyword groups.
There are two ways of adding keywords to a keyword group:
  • Enter keywords: For each keyword group, enter the keywords you want to target with your banner and press Add Keyword. If you decide to enter multiple keywords, you may separate keywords with a comma and then press the Add Key Word button when finished to enter all words at once.
  • Upload keyword file: If you have a text file that contains a longer list of keywords separated by commas, you may upload this file. This utility will automatically upload your file and.