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eBay Japan

Thanks for checking out eBay Japan.

eBay Japan is a site much like which allows users to buy and sell in the world's best person-to-person online trading community.

To properly view eBay Japan, you need to be able to view Japanese characters through your Web browser.

Windows Users users will need Japanese language support (e.g., UnionWay) and a browser that supports Japanese (e.g., Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer).

Windows 95, 98 and NT users can also install Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, which automatically downloads Japanese fonts when a Japanese page is browsed.

Users of MacOS 9.0 and later can install optional Japanese text entry and display support software. MacOS 8.6 and earlier requires Multilingual Internet Access for Japanese text display only or Japanese Language Kit 1.2 for text display and entry. For more info visit Apple.

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