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Choosing a price for your listings

eBay- Choosing a price for your listings

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In this article

When you price your listings, you need to balance how much money you want for your items with what you think buyers will pay for them. As part of your pricing strategy, you can find out how much similar items sold for by searching completed listings.

Your pricing strategy will also depend on which selling format you choose.

Pricing for fixed price listings

In a fixed price listing, you list items at a set price, and there's no bidding.
Enter the price for your item as the Buy It Now price.
Note: The minimum amount for which you can list an item is determined by eBay and varies by country.
You can also provide a Best Offer option if you want to give buyers a chance to negotiate the price with you.

Pricing for auction-style listings

In an auction-style listing, you can sell your item to the highest bidder.
You can also choose to offer a Buy It Now option, so buyers can skip the bidding process.
The starting price is the lowest price you're willing to sell your item for (unless you also specify a reserve price). Bidding will start at this price. Sellers have found that setting the starting price too high may discourage bidding.
Sellers often use a reserve price, a hidden minimum price that's higher than the starting price, to make sure they sell the item for the amount they want. By setting a low starting price and using a reserve price, you can try to stimulate bidding on your listing without selling below the price you want.
If you have a problem with your winning bidder, you can make an offer to a non-winning bidder under certain conditions. When this happens, a Second Chance Offer contains a Buy It Now price equal to the non-winning bidder's bid amount.

Pricing for multi-quantity listings and listings with variations

If you have more than one identical item, you can list them in a multi-quantity listing. For this type of listing, you choose a fixed price for your items, and buyers can buy one or more of them.
You need to enter a starting price of at least $0.99. If you want to offer variations of a product, such as a t-shirt that comes in a choice of colors and sizes, you can create a listing with variations in some categories. With this type of fixed price listing, you can choose a different price for each variation you offer.
For both these types of listings, you need to sell your items for at least $0.99 each. Learn more about multi-quantity listings.
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