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Selling safely on eBay Motors
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In this article

When you sell on eBay Motors, you should do everything possible to make sure your potential buyers have a positive experience—greatly increasing your chances of making a successful sale. Plus, the more you know about your buyers, the safer you'll be.

This page has specific tips you can review so that you have a positive selling experience on eBay Motors.

Our policies

Getting acquainted with our policies is a great place to start to help prevent problems.

To help you properly list items, we recommend that you review the guidelines in our rules for listings.
You should also review our prohibited and restricted items policy, where you can become familiar with the guidelines for selling some items of concern that may be sold on eBay Motors.

These items include:

Know your buyers

When you create your Motors listing, you can select buyer requirements that will block certain buyers from bidding on or buying your items. For example, you can block buyers who:
  • Have a Feedback score equal to or lower than -1

  • Don't have a PayPal account

  • Have reportedly violated eBay policies

Respond to buyer questions as soon as you can.
Set up a time frame with your buyer, making it clear how long you'll wait for payment, and what type of payment you'll accept.

Know your vehicle

Another way to help you have a good selling experience on eBay Motors is to state everything you can about your vehicle in the listing. For example:

  • Make sure that any branded title on the history of the vehicle is appropriately disclosed in the listing description.

  • Provide a complete title history. If there was a salvage title in the history, make sure it is disclosed in the listing description.

  • Make sure you select the appropriate type of vehicle title (clear, salvage, or other) when you list your vehicle.

  • Run a title check before listing your vehicle.

  • Clearly describe structural damage and major repairs or replacements to the vehicle that you're listing, including frame, suspension, engine, and body alterations as well as installation of aftermarket parts.

Additional tips

Here are more tips to help make your transaction go more smoothly:

Be cautious about posting eBay listings on external websites. If you do post to an external website, we recommend you provide an item number and do not link to your listing. This helps prevent fraud and helps protect you from scams involving other websites. By keeping the transaction within eBay, you will be protected by our terms and conditions.
Follow your state's laws relating to car dealer licensing, as well as the Federal Trade Commission's rule on the sale of used motor vehicles if your sales meet the definition of a car dealer in your state.
We also suggest reading A Dealer's Guide to the Used Car Rule from the Bureau of Consumer Protection's Business Center.
Consider letting buyers in other states know that stricter emissions standards may impact their ability to register the vehicle you're selling.
List the exact mileage of the vehicle. If you're unsure of the odometer's accuracy—especially on older or 5-digit odometer vehicles—make a point to clearly state this in the listing description.
Visit the websites for your state and the state your buyer is located in to learn about applicable laws. Based upon the physical location of the buyer or the seller, state consumer protection laws may apply to your transaction on eBay Motors and may limit what you can legally sell.
Make sure any liens on the vehicle are clearly stated in the listing description.
Provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) in your listing description. You'll attract more legitimate buyers if they have the ability to conduct their own checks on the vehicle's history.
If you are not a licensed motor vehicle dealer, you cannot list a car on eBay Motors if you don't have a title to the vehicle, regardless of the age of the car that's in your name.

Note: You are responsible for the calculation and remittance of any taxes owed to any governmental entity based on your eBay sales.

What to do if problems occur

We have several areas you can turn to if you're having problems during your transaction with the buyer.

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