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Selling parts that fit specific vehicles

What is parts compatibility?

Parts compatibility allows sellers to list their car, truck, motorcycle, and boat parts and accessories with more detailed compatibility information, giving buyers an easier way to find the right parts for their specific vehicle.

Sellers can either choose a part product with pre-filled compatibility information or manually enter compatible vehicles in a structured format.

When a buyer searches for a specific part, the listings that are displayed in search results include a new tab that lists all compatible vehicles. Both the standardized vehicle information and your title are used to match buyers' searches so your listings will show up in more relevant search results pages.

See our Parts Compatibility FAQs page for more details.

How it works

There are 2 sections in the selling form that help you describe which vehicles your parts will fit. The Search for a product in our catalog section allows you to choose a part (car and truck only) from our Motors parts catalog. Most products are listed in the catalog, making it easy for sellers to include compatibility information in listings.

If your product isn't in the catalog, you can manually add compatibility information in the Specify Part Compatibility section.

Parts compatibility is supported by Turbo Lister, Selling Manager, and Selling Manager Pro. If you used a third party service provider to create your listing, contact them to see if they support this feature.

Adding compatibility information from the Motors catalog

To get started, go to the form to sell your item on eBay Motors, select Sell a vehicle or auto part, and then follow the instructions for selling your item.

To add compatibility information from our catalog (car and truck only):
  1. If you're listing a part that we have in our catalog, you'll see an option to search for a product in our catalog. Click Search Catalog, then enter your part type, part number, AAIA number, Hollander number, or keywords in the Keyword search box. Or enter the part manufacturer in the Part Manufacturer box.

  2. Click the Search button when you've filled in this information. You'll see a list of all search results that match your specifications, if your part is in our catalog.

  3. Click the Select button to choose the correct product. You'll see a list of vehicles that your item fits. If this is the correct match, click the Confirm button.

  4. Once you've chosen a product, the Create your listing page appears.

Note: If you don't see a match for your product, click the Enter the details and compatibility information yourself link.

Adding compatibility information manually

If you don't find your part by completing the steps above, or you click Enter the details and compatibility information yourself link, you'll be taken to the Specify Part Compatibility section before you can start to list your item.

To add compatibility information yourself:
  1. Select the vehicle make, model, year, and other relevant info from the drop-down menu. You can add notes for any exceptions.

  2. Click the Add button.

  3. When you're finished adding compatible vehicles, click the Save and Continue button.

Title and description

Once you've added compatibility information to your listing, you don't need to repeat it in your listing title. This information will already be displayed on the compatibility tab and is used in search.

Instead, we recommend adding popular search elements, such as brand, part type, MPN part number, equivalent OEM part number, part name, material, and any other part numbers, to your title and description.

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