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Using the text editor to format your item description

Benefits of formatting your item description

When you describe your item in the Sell Your Item form, you can format your description by using the text editor. Good use of bold, italic, or underlined text can enhance your item's appeal. Aligning text (left, center, right), making bulleted or numbered lists, and increasing or decreasing indents also help to bring your item description to life.

The text editor works like a word processing program, making it easy to add elements such as bullets, bold, and italics.

Using the text editor

To use the text editor:
  1. On the Create your listing page, scroll to the Add a description section.

  2. Enter text to describe your item.

  3. Select the Standard tab.

  4. Use the formatting tools in the toolbar to highlight and format your text.

Note: The indent and list features aren't available on the simple listing form.

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