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Why can't I access my PayPal payment?


A PayPal payment may be temporarily unavailable for several reasons:

  • You and the buyer are resolving a pending eBay Money Back Gurarantee request

  • You and the buyer are involved in a pending PayPal claim, dispute, or credit card chargeback.

  • The buyer has initiated a return using the eBay returns process and the return and refund are not complete.

  • The buyer paid with an electronic check (or eCheck). The system will display "Pending" until the check clears—usually in about 3 business days.

  • A payment was sent with an unconfirmed address, and you need to log in to PayPal to accept the payment. Find out how to claim a PayPal payment.

  • When you sell an item and the buyer pays through PayPal, the funds may be pending in your PayPal account for a period of time before the funds become available. This may be as little as 3 days after the buyer receives the item, but can be up to 21 days. This is to help encourage fast shipping and ensure customer satisfaction, and typically applies to sellers with a limited selling history or a below standard rating. Learn more about PayPal payment holds.

If you have a PayPal question, please contact PayPal Customer Support.

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