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Shipping with Fast 'N Free

eBay- Shipping with Fast 'N Free

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In this article

Fast 'N Free is a way to show buyers that an item ships for free and is likely to arrive within 4 business days. For items that qualify, a Fast 'N Free logo can appear next to the listing, and buyers see an estimated delivery date based on their location.

How it works

The Fast 'N Free logo may appear on listings when the listing meets all the following conditions:

  • Both the buyer and the item are within the 48 contiguous US states.

  • We can estimate the item will be delivered in 4 business days or less.

  • For the first (or primary) shipping service, you offer a free shipping service.

  • For the first (or primary) shipping service, you don't offer local pickup or freight.

  • The listing isn't in Classified Ad format.

  • For eBay Motors, the Fast 'N Free logo is used only for listings in the Parts & Accessories category.

Generally, listings with free, expedited shipping and either same business day or 1 business day handling can qualify for Fast 'N Free. The logo may also appear if we can estimate that, based on past seller delivery information and the buyer's ZIP code, the item will arrive in 4 business days or less.

The Fast 'N Free estimated delivery date
We calculate an estimated delivery date for each buyer using a number of factors, including seller history, the proximity of the buyer to the item, the shipping carrier's performance history, and seasonality.

Things to keep in mind

  • If we can estimate a delivery within 4 days with a high level of confidence but the listing does not offer free shipping, an estimated delivery date appears but the Fast 'N Free logo doesn't.

  • The estimated delivery date may also vary from one transaction to another depending on various circumstances associated with a specific transaction, such as the buyer's location. Example: If a seller's shipments are consistently delivered in 3 days to buyers in Baltimore, qualified listings would show an estimated delivery date of 3 days to Baltimore buyers.

  • The Fast 'N Free logo can only appear on the last day of eligible auction-style listings, starting at 12:00 am Pacific Time.

Selling with Fast 'N Free

Fast 'N Free may help increase sales by giving buyers a more accurate estimated delivery date and strengthening the value of your great service.

You can increase your chance of having the Fast 'N Free logo appear on your listings by following selling best practices:

Only ship the item after the buyer has paid. We let the buyer know that the estimated delivery date depends on cleared payment and other factors.

How Fast 'N Free protects sellers

We protect sellers whose listings qualify for Fast 'N Free from receiving some low detailed seller ratings, and from buyers attempting to abuse the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

Detailed seller ratings
Listings with free shipping receive an automatic 5-star rating on the shipping and handling charges detailed seller rating.

As long as the item is delivered to the buyer within the standard delivery window, you automatically get 5 stars for the shipping time detailed seller rating. If the buyer leaves fewer than 5 stars, we automatically increase the rating to 5 stars as long as the item is delivered to the buyer by the last day of the standard delivery window. This is true even if we show the buyer a shorter delivery window based on the estimated delivery date.

The standard delivery window is calculated by adding the stated handling time to the shipping carrier's stated delivery range.

If eBay shortens the delivery estimate shown to your buyer, we automatically remove any defects related to shipping speed when you upload tracking within your stated handling time and your item arrives on or before the last day of the standard delivery timeframe (your stated handling time plus the carrier's published timeframe).

Learn more about detailed seller ratings.

eBay Money Back Guarantee buyer abuse
If tracking information shows that an item hasn't yet been delivered, a buyer can't open a return request stating the item isn't as described in the listing before the last day of the shorter estimated delivery window. For example, if some buyers see an estimate that an item will be delivered by October 3, and some buyers see an estimate that an item will be delivered by October 10, the earliest any buyer can open a return request for the item not being as described in the listing would be October 3. Learn more about responding to a request when the item doesn't match the listing description.

A buyer can't open a request for an item that hasn't been received until after the last day of the shorter estimated delivery. If tracking information shows the item was delivered, a buyer can't open a request stating an item hasn't been received.

If a buyer reports that an item that hasn't been received, you have 3 business days to upload tracking information or otherwise resolve the issue before the buyer can ask us to step in and help. Learn more about responding to a request when your buyer doesn't receive an item.

Buying with Fast 'N Free

When buyers find a Fast 'N Free listing, they know that they're likely to get their item delivered within 4 business days with free shipping.

Some buyers might see the Fast 'N Free logo for an item and others might not since the delivery date for a given item is estimated for buyers based on their location and other factors. Buyers in different locations could also see different estimated delivery dates for the same listing.

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