Confirming Your Identity to Reset Password

When resetting your password, eBay asks you to confirm your identity to verify that you are the owner of the account.

The “Confirm your identity to reset your password” form guides you through several pages.

  1. “Enter your user ID.”
    Type your user ID in the box and click the Continue button.

    If you have forgotten your user ID, first go to Forgot user ID to retrieve it or click the “I forgot my user ID ” link.

  2. “Answer the questions below”.
    This page asks you to confirm your identity by answering questions related to your account. This may include your password secret security question that you selected when setting up your user ID.

    Click the Continue Button.

  3. “Check your email”
    Once your information is confirmed, you'll receive an email. Follow the instructions in the message to reset your password.

If your identity cannot be confirmed, you'll receive an alert notice. Depending on the level of identity verification required, you may be offered alternate methods to confirm your identity. Please follow the directions on that page to verify your identity.

Please Note: If at any time you experience difficulty, or want to use an alternate method to confirm your identity, you may choose to do so by clicking the “Need help? Here’s another way to confirm your identity” link.