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Business Equipment Purchase Protection: Coverage

Our Business Equipment Purchase Protection program covers eligible equipment purchases in situations when seller commits fraud or otherwise deliberately misrepresents the item. Regular maintenance and normal wear and tear are not covered.

To submit a claim under the Business Equipment Purchase Protection program, fill out and submit the BEPP reimbursement request.

What's covered

The following fraudulent and misrepresentative situations are covered:

  • Paying for an eligible item and never receiving it.

  • Sending a deposit for an eligible item and never receiving the item. For information about non-refundable deposits, see what's not covered.

  • Paying for and receiving an eligible item the buyer can't legally own because:

    • It's stolen property

    • It's subject to an undisclosed or unknown lien

  • Paying for and receiving an eligible item that's a different type, make, or model than what was described in the listing, provided the amount of devaluation to the item due to the misrepresentation exceeds $1,500.

  • Paying for and receiving an eligible item with undisclosed damage, provided the cost of necessary repairs exceeds $1,500 and the item was advertised as being less than 10 years old. The program covers only defects and damages that prevent the equipment from functioning, not defects or damage that are cosmetic or not critical to operate the equipment.

What's not covered

  • Any damage on an item that's 10 years old or older. If the model year is not specified in the eBay listing, then the item isn't eligible for any undisclosed damage.

  • Regular maintenance  

  • Normal wear and tear, including but not limited to rust, dents, and scratches, or cosmetic damage that doesn't impair the item  

  • Sending a non-refundable deposit and not receiving the item or a refund, because the buyer chooses to not complete the transaction or to not pay the remaining balance  

  • Any damage or defect that was explained to or noticed by the buyer prior to purchase, or (if the buyer picked up the item from the seller in person) that could have been noticed upon reasonable inspection by the buyer

  • Items not listed on eBay Business in one of the capital equipment categories

  • Items purchased for less than $1,000

  • Items damaged or lost in shipping

  • Inspection costs, warranty fees, and other related expenses

  • Buyer's remorse

  • Any repairs or alterations made to the item after the listing end date, that were not authorized by the third-party provider of the Business Equipment Purchase Protection program

Coverage limits

  • Business Equipment Purchase Protection will cover only up to the devaluation or repair amount of the item or the final purchase price, whichever is lower, plus shipping expenses up to $800 (documented by an invoice from a licensed transport or shipping company) and deposits, if applicable.

  • In cases of undisclosed damage, the damage amount will be determined by the lowest of all repair estimates from authorized service facilities approved by the third-party provider of the Business Equipment Purchase Protection program.

  • In the event of type, make, or model misrepresentation, the devaluation amount of the item will be determined by the difference between the eBay purchase price and the price established by a value guidebook designated by the third-party provider.

  • On any covered claim, the third-party provider has the option to reimburse the lesser of the purchase price less the deductible or the coverage maximum ($50,000 for items purchased prior to September 1, 2016 and $100,000 for items purchased on or after September 1, 2016) and take possession of the item rather than paying the devaluation or repair amount. If you refuse this offer, the third-party provider may offer you a cash settlement of a discounted percentage of the purchase price.

  • Stolen items are subject to an additional 1% per month depreciation rate until the time the claim is filed.

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