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eBay Giving Works

Why sell through eBay Giving Works?

Turn your eBay listings into a force for good with eBay Giving Works. With each listing, you can pledge to donate from 10% to 100%* of the final sale price to your favorite nonprofit and get a pro-rated credit from us on your Insertion and Final Value fees when your listing sells.

Key Advantages:

  • Support the non-profits and causes you love and in turn, feel good!
  • Receive a fee credit when your item sells. When your listing sells, we'll credit back your Insertion and Final Value Fees by the same percentage you pledged. Giving 50% of your item's final sale price? You'll get back 50% of your fees. Giving 100%? You get full credit on these fees.
  • Attract buyers with your compassion and generosity. Every eBay Giving Works listing stands out by displaying this special ribbon ribbon icon. Your listing will also have a special section devoted to your selected nonprofit and your donation commitment so that your buyers know that when they purchase from you, they're also helping a great cause.

Research shows that a seller's connection to charity serves as a quality or trustworthiness signal for consumers, with fewer customer complaints found about charity-intensive sellers and higher sale probabilities on products that benefit charity. To learn more about this study, watch this video.

Selling for Charity is Easy!

When you list your item for sale on eBay, there's a special section in the listing form where you can pledge to donate from 10% to 100% of the final sale price of your item. If your item sells, we'll automatically calculate and deduct your donation (the minimum deduction is $1), and we'll make sure your donation gets to the nonprofit safely and securely.**

If your favorite nonprofit is not automatically listed, simply click the link to select another nonprofit that you love.

Are you a nonprofit?

Learn how to sell your own items and get a full fee credit.

Create a High-Profile Event

High-profile auctions and events on eBay Giving Works feature celebrities, VIP experiences, and travel.

For more information

Visit the eBay Giving Works Good Questions pages.

*As little as 1% on eBay Motors for all categories except Parts & Accessories. Not available for Classified Ads. **Less a small deduction to help offset processing costs.

Watch How to Sell for Charity

eBay Giving Works Seller Guide

Get step-by-step instructions on how to get your seller account set up and special tips to successfully sell your item. Register as an eBay member and start selling on eBay.