Take Photos
The saying that 'a picture is worth a thousand words' really applies to eBay listings. No matter how well you describe your item, most buyers want to see a picture before they purchase. So before you sit down at the computer to list your item, the first step should be to take great photos and then transfer them onto your computer. With eBay Picture Services it's easy to add photos during the listing process.
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A. Item Page with Image
B. Item Page without Image

There are 3 ways to capture photos and save them 'digitally' on to your computer:

Digital camera
A digital camera is just like a regular camera, except that it does not use film. Instead, images are stored digitally in its memory. Once you take a picture, you can connect your camera to your computer and save the photo to your computer in a .gif or .jpg format. Remember to make note of where you saved the file. Digital cameras are the easiest way to capture and transfer digital photos to your camera.

Regular camera with Flatbed Scanner
Take a picture with your regular camera, get the film developed, and use a scanner to convert the photograph to a digital image. The scanner will then ask you to choose a location and file name to save the image. If the item you are selling is small and flat (like baseball cards or stamps), you can just put them directly on the scanner. Remember that you must save the photograph in either a .gif or .jpg format in order to use it on eBay.

Regular camera and Digital Film Processor
There are a couple methods you can use to transfer images from regular film to your computer.
1) You can ask your local digital film processor to scan copies of your photographs onto a computer disk (CD) to take home and transfer to your computer, or...
2) You can ask your film processing service if they use a web service that can digitally post copies of your photographs to a website. You can then copy these from the website to your computer to use whenever you like.

Saving regular camera photos to a CD saves you the time of scanning the photos yourself, but lacks the convenience and flexibility of a digital camera.

Transfer Devices
Each digital camera and scanner has its own procedure for transferring image files to a computer. Some use cables; others use removable memory chips. Follow the instructions in your camera or scanner's manual.

Create a great photo
Use natural light whenever possible.
Use a plain background to make your item stand out, however don't use a white background as it tends to wash away colors and makes too much of a contrast.
Consider taking a close-up of a section and multiple views (front, back, side, top) so potential buyers can see the actual condition of the item.

A. Good picture
B. Bad Picture

Edit your Photo
Once your photo is on your computer hard drive, you can often improve it with photo editing software, which may have come with your digital camera or scanner. Better yet, use eBay Picture Services for basic editing.

Crop your photos to remove any unnecessary background.
Balance the contrast and brightness.
The Rotate or Flip command will turn your picture right side up (if necessary).
Resize your image files to approximately 330 pixels tall by 440 pixels wide.
Save your edited picture as a .gif or .jpg file.

Your photos are stored on eBay Picture Services only while your listing is available on eBay. It's a good idea to keep a photo on your computer if you want to use it again in the future.

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