Browsing is clicking through lists of titles called Categories until you find something you're interested in. There's so much selection on eBay that you never know what you might find. You can narrow your search by clicking on individual categories or within the search results page.

Searching for an item on eBay is easy. eBay searches item titles and matches the keywords you enter to those in the item title. So make sure to enter keywords a seller might use within their title.

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Advanced Search
Find what you're looking for in the least amount of time by doing an Advanced Search. This feature allows you to narrow your keyword search based upon several criteria including price, geographic location, category, and other key attributes.

If you like, you can also search by eBay Motors category, seller, bidder, and item number, by clicking the links along the left side of the page.

You can get the best out of your search by using eBay's advanced search techniques. Search like a pro using these simple commands:
Quotation marks " " Search for exact words in order. Example: "Gone with the Wind"
Minus sign
Plus sign
Exclude or include certain words from the search. Example: "The Lion King"-DVD or "The Lion King"+DVD
Asterisk, also known as wildcard * Search for words with multiple beginnings or endings. Example: India* (will search for India, Indian, Indians, Indiana)
Parentheses and commas ( , ) Search has one word or another Example: (Wedgewood,Lenox)
NOTE: Be careful when using 'and', 'or', or 'the', as the eBay's search engine searches for these words just like it would any other word. Use them only if you're searching for items containing these words, such as Diana Ross and the Supremes.


Search Results
A. List of Items
After you submit your search, a results page displays the number of items found and a list of all the items that match your search criteria. Click on the title of any item to see the details for that specific listing.

B. Matching Categories
To refine your search, use the Matching Categories links on the left hand side of this page. The numbers next to each link represent the number of items found in that category. Clicking on a link will display items only in that category.

C. Search Options
Refine your search further by showing items only in a certain location, those that have the Buy It Now feature, items within a certain price range, and more.

D. Product Finder
Some categories allow you to search based on item attributes, such as brand, size, price, color, condition, etc. Using the Product Finder is a great way to quickly narrow your search.

When you see the PayPal logo it means the seller accepts PayPal as a form of payment for the item. PayPal, eBay's preferred online payment service, lets you pay by credit card or checking account for all your items. Learn More
Search Tips

Refine Search Click to change search terms, choose a category, enter price ranges, etc.
Auction or
Buy It Now
Click one of these tabs to limit the choices to items you can bid on or items that you can purchase right away.
Matching Categories Click a category to limit the results to only the category you are interested in.
Search Options Check search options and click the Show Items button to only display items that fit these criteria.

Check Spelling If you're not sure, use the asterisk (*), which acts as a wild card. This will also widen your search to different renditions of the key word. Example: India* (India, Indian, Indians, Indiana)
Search Titles and Descriptions Seller may have your keyword in the item description, but not the title.
Remove Take out any extra punctuation from the search terms or remove the letter "s" for more results.
Use Browse This will give you all the items within a specific category.

Although you wouldn't necessarily search on these terms, many sellers use acronyms or abbreviations in their titles to indicate an attribute of the item. Some commonly used acronyms are:
NBW: Never Been Worn
NIB: New in Box
BIN: Buy it Now
NR: No Reserve
NWT, MWT: New With Tag(s), Mint With Tag(s)
S/H: Shipping & Handling
FS: Factory Sealed
GU, GW: Gently Used, Gently Worn
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