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Optimize Your eBay Store  
In addition to your listing titles and descriptions, eBay Store owners benefit from additional features and opportunities to optimize their stores.
Store Naming and URL
Store Description
Custom Pages
Custom Categories
Listing Headers
Search Engine Keywords

Store Naming and URL

The Store name you choose determines your Store's web site address (URL), so choose a descriptive store name that tells buyers what you sell. This will also help Web search engines find your Store when buyers are looking for the products you offer.
CORRECT:   Ben's Computers
INCORRECT:   Zebra Park
Learn how you can choose or update your Store name.

Store Description

A Store description helps increase the likelihood of appearing in search engines.
  • Use keywords that people enter when searching for your products
  • Be sure your description accurately represents the products in your store
  • Use a Store theme that includes your Store description in the header
Learn how you can update your Store description.

Custom Pages

Custom pages are a set of unique pages you can create or edit for your Store to help showcase items and special promotions, describe the history of your business, etc. Use all the custom pages available to you - they're great real estate, and provide a great SEO opportunity for your business.
Learn how you can create a custom Store page.

Custom Categories

Help buyers browse your virtual shelves-create and organize up to 300 categories and subcategories for your Store. Be sure to use relevant, popular keywords in your custom category names.
As an example, if you offer laptops, desktops and printers in your store, clearly specify your product offering with custom categories. Search engines will not recognize generic terms such as Category 1, Category 2, Other etc.
Category 1
Category 2

Learn how you can create Store custom categories.

Listing Headers

Today, Store owners can link up to five Store categories in the Listing Header. Opt-in to show listing headers in your listings, and link to some of your most important Store pages. Remember, it's important to link to your Store pages wherever possible

Search Engine Keywords

Store owners can customize keywords associated with each Store Page to increase the chances of buyers finding their store pages when using search engines. Be sure to edit your primary and secondary keywords. Note that eBay uses these keywords to create Page Titles and Meta Tags, so be sure to update these appropriately!


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