San Jose
2065 Hamilton Ave

Welcome to HQ, a modern design space with digital displays, interactive installations, and 3D printers. Our address puts us right in the heart of Silicon Valley, offering an inspired, dynamic setting next to our favorite food trucks.

Imagine lunch with a view of boats drifting along the San Francisco Bay. Our office is near the magnificent Bay Bridge and lively Embarcadero, all while being within walking distance to the Ferry Building, SFMOMA, and AT&T Park. Let’s go, Giants!

San Francisco
199 Fremont Street

1400 SW 5th Avenue

We’re the rock and roll side of the eBay family. We have a heavy metal t-shirt exchange–take one, leave one. Each week, we observe Metallica Fridays, an all-day celebration of our favorite rockers. And, when we want to get really loud, we have a drum set in the game center.

Once lined with the most famed stores of NYC, Ladies’ Mile is a historic shopping district in the vibrant Chelsea neighborhood. We’re keeping the tradition alive in a modern way. Here, our offices stand between picturesque views of the Freedom Tower and Empire State Building.

New York City
625 Avenue of the Americas

411 108th Ave NE Bellevue

With sweeping views of Lake Washington, our office is an inspiring place where nature and technology coexist. We’re located in a downtown neighborhood filled with restaurants and shopping, but we also love hanging out on our 5th floor, where ping pong gets competitive.

Once known as Checkpoint Bravo, this was the main autobahn border crossing between former East and West Germany. Now, our blissful campus is set among a beautiful pond next to the many forests of Berlin, making it one of the greenest cities in Germany.

Albert-Einstein-Ring 2-6 Kleinmachnow

Pfingstweid-strasse 60 Westpark Building

In the heart of Technopark, our offices are part of a unique technology center also located in Zürich’s creative hotspot, District 5. As one of the fastest developing districts, it’s filled with new bars, restaurants, and galleries born from renovated industrial buildings and warehouses.

Our office sits above a sloping lawn on the banks of the meandering River Thames. We’re just steps from classic English pubs and restaurants as well as unique history. Queen Elizabeth I took her last breath at the nearby Richmond Palace, where she’s still known to roam the courtyard.

1 Heron Square Richmond