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Preview of changes to item pages

Based on buyer research over the past year, we have found the need to organize some of the information at the top of the item page a little better. As a result, we're going to make a few changes to the part of the page above the item description in the next few weeks. Below is an example of the new design. See the bottom of the page for more detail on the changes.

1. Meet The Seller section
We're renaming the Seller Information area on the item page to "Meet The Seller." Most of the information will remain the same, except for a few visual changes to make it easier to read.
2. New Buy Safely area
Directly below Meet The Seller will be a Buy Safely section. Buyers expect to find trust-related information in one place, so here we'll list the seller's feedback information, any applicable protection programs (such as whether the listing qualifies for PayPal Buyer Protection), and the seller's return policy, if specified.
3. Shipping Information Higher on the Page
To make it easier to quickly determine the total cost of the item, we're moving the shipping information up on the page, closer to the current item price.
4. Relocated Links
The Watch and Email to a Friend links will be moved into the center of the "blue" section. They'll still work exactly as they do today - they're just in a different location.
5. Show/Hide Additional Listing Details
Additional listing details, such as the Starting Time and Duration, have been moved underneath the Watch and Email to a Friend links. These will be hidden by default, but you can easily choose to display them if you wish. Plus, your choice will be "sticky", meaning that these will display (or stay hidden) as you move from item to item.