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The eBay and Alignment: Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How will eBay and become more closely aligned? will remain a separate site, but with the changes to registration and feedback, it will now be easier than ever to buy and sell on both and eBay. You will have one User ID and one feedback rating that applies to both sites. By registering on one site, you are automatically registered on the other, and if you want to change your email notification preferences, your contact information or any other account information on one site, it's changed on both sites - automatically.

What exact changes can I expect to see?
First, all feedback will be converted to the eBay feedback style, and going forward, all feedback for sellers and buyers will be left using the eBay Feedback Forum. Secondly, you will use the same User ID and password to gain access to either site. Your account information and notification preferences will be the same for both sites.

What does this mean for online auctions?
Auction-style listings remain at the heart of eBay's business. However, as the popularity of Buy It Now has demonstrated, there is a place on eBay for fixed-price listings, as well. By providing a tighter connection between and eBay, we're simply offering more choices for both buyers and sellers.

Once these changes take place, can I transfer items between and eBay?
You will not be able to transfer items between the two sites. Even though you have a single User ID and password, you will be required to maintain a separate seller account for both and eBay, and will be charged separately.

Can International users buy or sell on
At this time, users from outside the United States will not be able to buy or sell on


Will there be any changes made to the eBay feedback system?
The eBay Feedback Forum will remain the same. We are simply converting feedback that has been previously left for sellers into the eBay-style feedback. In the future, all feedback left for transactions will use the eBay Feedback Forum.

Will this change affect my eBay feedback score?
Most users will see no change in their eBay feedback rating. However, if you do have accounts on both and eBay that share an email address, you will have the option to combine the two accounts and their feedback ratings. If you are a user and have that option, we'll notify you via email.

Will the feedback rating of all users change?
All feedback ratings will be converted to the eBay-style feedback system. In addition, some users who also have eBay accounts may choose to combine the two sets of feedback into one. However, they will also have the option of keeping the accounts and their feedback scores separate.

What does it mean when I see feedback left by " Member (no longer registered)"?
When we move feedback from to eBay, member names that are associated with closed accounts will not be transferred, but the feedback will be transferred. In those cases, a feedback comment left by that user for another user will be attributed to " Member (no longer registered)".

Why do some feedback comments appear to be "cut off"?
Until last year, allowed lengthier feedback comments than eBay allows. For existing feedback, we've transferred as much of the original comment as possible within the eBay guidelines, but some comments may appear "cut off." All future feedback left on will follow the existing eBay limit of 80 characters.

What is the difference between's current feedback system and eBay's, and how will you covert the two?
Currently, eBay feedback is positive, negative or neutral, whereas uses a numeric rating system from 1 to 5. Here's how we converted the numeric system into eBay's system:

When will I be able to merge my feedback?
You will be able to merge your and eBay feedback only if both accounts share the same email address. We are currently not ready to merge feedback. Detailed information on how to merge your feedback, if you choose, will be emailed to you in the coming weeks

Half Feedback ScoreTranslated eBay Score
5 - 4Positive
3 - 2Neutral

Doesn't this give sellers an unfair advantage over eBay sellers?
While it is true that there is traditionally less direct interaction between buyers and sellers on the site, sellers' ratings are based on the same important things as eBay feedback ratings: promptness of shipping, accurate description of the item, etc. The combined feedback will paint a more accurate picture of sellers who are active on both sites.

Registration and Sign In

Will there be changes to registration? will begin using eBay's registration system. Your User ID and password will allow you to sign in on both eBay and

No other changes will be made to the eBay registration or sign in system.

Will there be any user agreement changes?
The current eBay user agreement will be updated to include the policy.

  • New users will be asked to accept this updated user agreement in order to register for eBay and
  • Current eBay users will be required to accept the policy in order to use services.
  • Current users will be required to accept the eBay user agreement in order to use eBay services.

Do I need to register for a account if I am already registered at eBay or
If you already have an eBay User ID, you may use your eBay User ID and password at
If you already have a user ID, you will still be able to access your account.
However, there may be some changes to your account.
If there are changes to your account, will notify you via email.

Will a credit card be required in order to register at
No credit card is required to register at; however, you will be asked to provide a credit card if you buy or sell at

What happens if I change any of my personal information?
If you modify any of the following personal information, your changes will be automatically saved for both eBay and

  • User ID
  • Password
  • Password Hint
  • Email Address
  • Contact Information (Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Phone Number)
  • Email Notification Preferences

However, the following information will be kept separate at this time:

Checkout Information

  • Shipping Address
  • eBay Payments Credit Card Information
  • eBay Payments eCheck Information

Seller Account Information

  • eBay Billing Information, including payment option, credit card, Direct Pay information (For Auction Sellers)
  • Seller Payment Method

My eBay Item Information

  • Items I've Bid On
  • Items I've Won
  • Items I'm Watching
  • Items I'm Selling
  • Items I've Sold Item Information

  • Purchases
  • Wish List / Pre-Orders
  • PSales / Sales Management (including Inventory)
Do I need to register for a seller account if I already have an eBay seller account?
Yes. At this time, you must open a separate seller account for each site to list items on eBay and You will be billed separately for listing and final value fees.

When will I be able to merge my accounts?
You will be able to merge and eBay accounts only if both accounts share the same email address. We are currently not ready to merge accounts. Detailed information on how to merge your accounts will be emailed to you in the coming weeks.

Can I log on to with my eBay account right now?
You will be able to register for and sign in to both sites with a single User ID in the coming weeks. We will let you know when single sign in is available. For now, continue signing in with your current User ID and password for each site.

If you already have a seller account, there will be no changes to how you are currently billed.