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Grant Eligibility

  • Nonprofits which utilize technology to empower individuals, particularly programs, which integrate the use of the Internet.
  • Nonprofits which reside in a community in the United States where eBay has a major employment base. These locales include San Jose, California and Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Nonprofit organizations applying for funding must hold tax-exempt status under IRS Section 501(c)3.
  • Grants are made for specific programs or projects that accomplish most or all of the following objectives: leverage existing resources, foster collaboration by various organizations to achieve a greater impact, empower individuals to improve their lives, benefit the local or global community at large, and make a significant positive, long-term impact on the people served. Program overhead expenses must not exceed 25 percent of the total operating budget.
  • We are particularly interested in funding programs that are unique and creative.

Ineligible for funding
While the eBay Foundation™ is open to innovative initiatives, several types of programs are unlikely to be funded because they typically do not adhere to our guiding principles. These include:

  • Fundraising events, sponsorships, or advertising
  • Government agencies
  • Individuals
  • Organizations with a limited constituency (such as fraternities or veterans' groups)
  • Organizations that limit their services to members of one religious group
  • Political causes, parties, candidates, or organizations
  • Purely social organizations
  • Projects which do not have a technology focus

If your program meets the criteria for funding, please proceed to the next page by clicking on the right arrow. We are unable to consider incomplete proposals or programs/projects that are outside our primary funding areas.

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