Ship smart

From basic tips to exclusive discounts and global shipping support, eBay will help you become a great shipper and a great seller

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Getting Started

Shipping basics

Everything you need to know to get started, including how to save with eBay Labels, sell globally with the Global Shipping Program, impress your buyers with eBay branded supplies, and why Handling Time matters.

Global Shipping Program

Selling across the globe is as easy as selling around the corner. The Global Shipping Program simplifies international selling, opening up a whole new world of potential buyers.

Returns on eBay

Improve customer satisfaction and sales with a flexible returns policy.

Additional Resources

Shipping best practices

Find out how shipping can be made easy.

eBay Carrier Options

Ship the way you want and save with a variety of delivery options.

Advanced shipping

Shipping solutions to grow your business, including winning sales with Fast 'N Free, increasing sales with the Global Shipping Program, shipping LTL with Freight shipping, winning buyers with a flexible Returns Policy, and learning how to reduce your handling time.

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