Listing basics

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Seller Checklist


Getting ready to sell

  • Select the item you want to sell
  • Take at least 4 photos of your item from different angles

Creating your listing

  • Click the sell link at the top of any eBay page
  • Type the name of the item you want to sell using descriptive keywords to help others find your listing
  • Select the condition that best matches your item
  • Upload the photos you took earlier
  • Enter extra details about your item in the description box to highlight unique features or defects
  • Consider donating to your favorite charity—it’ll help your listing sell and for a higher final selling price

Pricing and listing your item

  • A recommendation on preferred listing format (auction or fixed price) and pricing will be provided
  • A recommendation on shipping service and cost will be provided
  • Review your listing—then click "List it" and you're done
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Create Effective Listings

Choose the best format

Determine when auction-style or fixed price might be the more ideal listing format.

Describe it in detail

It’s easy to write an accurate and appealing item description. Check out our best practices.

Price it right

How you price your item will impact its visibility in search, its likelihood of selling, and how much it sells for.

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