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What's the difference between an "item" and a "listing"?

  • An "item" is the actual product or service that you're selling.

  • A "listing" is the ad or page on eBay containing a description of the item(s) you're selling, your shipping and payment terms, and your seller information. Buyers view your listing to decide if they want to bid on or buy your item.

"Item" and "listing" are often used to mean the same thing (for example, "revise your item" and "revise your listing") because most people sell one item per listing. However, some people sell multiple, identical items (such as 10 identical DVDs) in the same listing.

If you use multiple item listings, the difference between "item" and "listing" results may become important in your reports. For example, suppose you had 3 listings that ended during the previous month:

Ended Listings/Items Outcome

1 listing with 1 item

Item sold

1 listing with 1 item

Item not sold

1 listing with 3 items

1 item sold; 2 items not sold

Your ended listings total for the month would be 3 because you created 3 listings and they ended in that month. Your ended items total would be 5, because you listed 3 items in one listing, and one item each in the other 2 listings.

Your successful listings percentage for the month would be 67% because 2 of your 3 listings sold at least one item. Your sold items percentage would be 40% because out of the 5 items you listed, 2 sold.

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