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Managing your listing

Reviewing your listing's effectiveness and managing communications from bidders is an important part of the selling process. Follow these tips to keep buyers interested and ensure a positive selling experience.

Checking your listing

After you create your listing:

Revising your listing

If you need to make a change to your listing, read Changing your listing. You can do a keyword search to find specific listings, and change a number of listings at once.

The information that you can revise depends on the time left before the listing ends, and whether or not you have received any bids. In most cases, you cannot change the listing format. For example, you cannot change an auction-style listing to a Stores listing.

If you have an unexpected event or something happens to the item, you can end your listing early.

If you have purchases on your multi-quantity, fixed price listings, you can see the purchases, and information on the listing at the time of purchase, from the Purchase history page. Buyers can see only the item they purchased from the Order details page.

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