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Selling Manager Pro: Tracking inventory quantity

Selling Manager Pro automatically tracks the quantity of each product in your inventory. You can enter your inventory quantity when you first create products in the Inventory View, or later by updating the quantity available to list.

Do I need to track inventory quantity?

If you don't want to track inventory quantity, you can leave the Qty available to list field empty when you create your products.

Note: Do not enter "0" in the field. Entering "0" means that you are tracking quantity, but you are currently out of stock on the product.

What's the difference between "Quantity available to list" and "Total on Hand"?

When you're listing products, it's important to know how much of each product you have left to sell.

When you display the Inventory view, Selling Manager Pro displays the quantity available to list for each product. Clicking a product in the list lets you view more detail, including the "Quantity available to list" and "Total on hand."

Inventory term


Total on hand

This is the total number of products that you have in your inventory. This value is independent of any products that are associated with a pending, active, or sold listing.

Quantity available to list

This is the number of items in inventory that are not associated with a pending, active, or sold listing.

Example: Suppose you have 10 t-shirts in your inventory, but one is scheduled, one is active, and two are sold. This would mean that you have 10 t-shirts on hand, but only 6 are available to list.

Entering your initial quantity

For each product, figure out the number of items you have available to list. You'll enter that number in the Qty available to list field.

To enter your quantity available to list:
  1. In the Inventory view, click the name of the product for which you want to track inventory quantity.

  2. If you've created listings with variations, click the Variation details button to expand the list, and select the specific variation you want to track.

  3. Enter the quantity in the Qty available to list field.

  4. You can also add a restock alert and notes.

  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

How Selling Manager Pro tracks quantity changes

As you list and sell products, Selling Manager Pro automatically increases or decreases the quantity available to list. The following table describes how this works.

Quantity available to list increases when:

Quantity available to list decreases when:

  • An active listing ends without a buyer.

  • A pending listing is canceled.

  • A pending or active listing is revised and the quantity is decreased.

  • A Final Value Fee Credit Request is filed for a product that you haven't marked as shipped.

  • A pending or active listing is created.

  • A pending or active listing is revised and the quantity is increased.

  • You relist an unsold listing.

Updating your inventory quantity

If you receive more products in stock or sell items outside of eBay, you'll need to update your inventory quantity. For example, if you receive 5 t-shirts from a vendor, you should add 5 to your quantity available to list.

To update your quantity available to list:
  1. From the Inventory View, select the check box next to the product you need to update.

  2. Click the Update Quantity button. The Update Quantity page opens.

  3. From the Action drop-down list, select the option for adding or removing, and then enter the quantity.

  4. To save the changes, click the Update button.

You can also revise this number by clicking the product in the Inventory view and entering the new amount in the Qty available to list field.

Receiving restock alerts

You can receive an alert if the inventory quantity for a product falls below the level you specify.

When this occurs, you'll see a Low Stock alert in the Product Inventory section of your Summary page. By clicking the Low Stock link, you'll be taken directly to the list of products that are low on stock.

To set a restock alert for a product:
  1. Display the Inventory view in Selling Manager Pro.

  2. Click the name of the product.

  3. In the Restock alerts and notes section, click the Add restock alert link.

  4. Fill in the quantity below which you should be alerted.

  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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