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Adding ShipCover insurance

ShipCover offers shipping insurance for items sold on eBay when you create a shipping label on eBay.

About ShipCover insurance

  • ShipCover is available when you print a US Postal Service (USPS) shipping label on eBay.

  • You can purchase protection for the selling price of the item or items, up to $1,000.00 per package.

  • Protection is available for most packages shipped within the US, as well as international packages. Shipcover isn't available if you're shipping to the following locations:

    • Belarus

    • Burma (Myanmar)

    • Cote D' Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

    • Cuba

    • Iran

    • North Korea

    • Russian Federation

    • Sudan

    • Syrian Arab Republic

    • Zimbabwe

      This list is subject to change

  • You can file a Shipcover claim directly from the Shipping labels page in My eBay.

  • You can use ShipCover insurance for all USPS services, including Priority Mail Express. With Priority Mail Express, insurance up to $100.00 is included in the shipping label cost. If you need to insure an item that's worth more than $100.00, you can choose ShipCover insurance.

  • ShipCover insurance isn't available for Global Shipping Program shipments to a US shipping center.

See ShipCover insurance prices. See ShipCover insurance terms of coverage, restrictions, and conditions.

Note: We offer ShipCover insurance through Parcel Insurance Plan (PIP), which is underwritten by Interstate Fire and Casualty Company, a subsidiary of Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company.

Add ShipCover insurance

You can add ShipCover insurance when you create your shipping label on eBay.

To print a shipping label and add shipping insurance:
  1. Go to My eBay > Sold.

  2. Select the check box next to each item you want to ship.

  3. Click Print Shipping Label.

  4. Fill out the information on the shipping label.

  5. In the Delivery options section, select Add insurance.

  6. Select ShipCover Insurance from the drop-down menu.

  7. Enter the amount of coverage you need, up to the selling price of the item. We usually fill in this information for you. You can insure your package for up to $1,000.00 through ShipCover.

  8. Click Add. The Your shipping cost section of the page shows the amount you're charged for insurance and related fees.

  9. If you selected ShipCover insurance, select the check box to indicate that you have read and agreed to the terms of coverage.

  10. Click Pay and Print.

If you purchase ShipCover insurance, we send you an email confirming that you printed a shipping label and insured your shipment. The email also gives you the policy number.

You can void insurance by voiding the shipping label. If you don't use the label and the label void is approved by USPS, we refund the money for postage and insurance within 15-21 days.

File a claim

  • For a damaged package, wait at least 7 days after the date the transaction ends to file a claim.

  • For a lost package, wait at least 30 days after the estimated shipment date to file a claim.

  • If you shipped multiple items but only one arrived damaged, only claim the value for that one item.

ShipCover insurance claims are processed by Parcel Insurance Plan (PIP), but you can file a claim from My eBay.

To file an insurance claim:
  1. Go to My eBay > Activity > Sell.

  2. In the Sell section, click Shipping labels.

  3. Find the shipping label for the item.

  4. In the More Actions drop-down menu, select Create Claim.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

What happens next?

You're sent an email confirmation about the claim, including the policy number, claim amount, and claim number.
If the buyer reports in My eBay that they didn't receive the item, or opens a return request in My eBay because the item was damaged in shipping, we use that information to verify the claim and process it faster.
If the buyer didn't report in My eBay that they didn't receive the item or open a return request in My eBay because the item was damaged in shipping, the buyer may need to verify your claim. In this case, we send the buyer an email asking for claim verification. If the buyer doesn't respond within 15 days, we send you a reminder to get in touch with the buyer and ask them to confirm the claim.
Parcel Insurance Plan (PIP) contacts you directly about your claim. If you don't hear from PIP within 3 weeks, contact them.
PIP is the administrator for ShipCover claims. Please contact PIP directly for questions about your policy and claims, as eBay Customer Support won't be able to help with Shipcover claims.

Note: Don't throw away the damaged item. Whoever has the item should hold onto it, in case it's needed to resolve the claim.

View your claim status

You can check the status of your claim through My eBay.

To check the status of your claim:
  1. In My eBay, go to the Sold section.

  2. Click View order details next to the item.

  3. Click View claim status.

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