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Tutorial Spoof Emails
What to Do about Spoofs

Example Spoof Form The good news about Spoof emails is that you are in control - you can protect your personal financial information by ignoring the spoof altogether. You should never provide contact, sign-in or other sensitive personal information in an email.

To learn how to report a Spoof Email, click Learn More.

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Example Spoof Email
Reporting Spoof emails is as easy as 1-2-3.
If you have any doubt whether an email is really from eBay, here's how to report it:
1. Forward the message to spoof@ebay.com.
2. Don't alter the subject line or forward the message as an attachment - doing so prevents us from investigating it further.
3. Once you have forwarded the email, you can then delete it from your email account.

Did You Know
Think an email may be a spoof? Forward it to spoof@ebay.com or spoof@paypal.com.

Report Spoof Email by Forwarding It to spoof@ebay.com

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