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What collector - young and old alike - doesn't love a new Barbie® doll? How big is your collection? On eBay, you'll find Ballerina Barbie, Bride Barbie, Princess Barbie, Disney Barbie, Harley Barbie, and more!

Is your Barbie doll outfitted with the latest in haute couture apparel? Try eBay for a huge selection of Barbie doll clothes include wedding gowns, ball gowns, sleepwear, casual clothes, seasonal styles, cheerleading and special occasion outfits. Using eBay, you'll be proud to outfit your Barbie doll with fashionable new clothes!

Don't forget that your Barbie doll needs to find a way to get around town! eBay has a huge selection of Barbie planes, cars and boats. And of course, Barbie loves to travel with friends and family. Bring along Ken®, Kelly®, Skipper®, Francie® and the rest of the crew on that special trip.

Have fun and come back soon, Barbie!

  Barbie Shortcuts    

Barbie Shoe spacer
Surround Yourself with Barbie
Bedding, towels & more   Clothes for girls
Lunch boxes & bags   Ornaments & figurines
Barbie Purse spacer
Fun Barbie Activities
Birthday party supplies   Cameras, CDs, CD-roms
Comics, cards & movies   Game Boy, games & stickers
Barbie Glasses spacer
Favorite Barbie Types
Ballerina Barbie   Bride Barbie
Holiday Barbie   Princess Barbie
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Favorite Brands with Barbie
Coca Cola Barbie   Disney Barbie
Harley Barbie   Nascar Barbie
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Pop Culture Barbies
Wizard of Oz   Classic TV Barbies
Super Celebrity Barbies
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Barbie's World
Barbie furniture   Barbie houses
Barbie planes, cars, boats
  Barbie Categories    

  Contemporary (1973-Now)
      Artist, Collector Editions

         Bob Mackie
         Collector Editions
         One of a Kind (OOAK)
         Other Designers [2449]
      Pink Box
         Store Exclusives
         Other [2448]
   Clothing & Accessories
      Clothing, Shoes
      Structures, Vehicles
      Other [249]
   Friends & Family [2451]
      Other [2450]
   Other Contemporary [248]

    Vintage (Pre-1973)
   Barbie [250]
   Clothing & Accessories [2453]

      Clothing [2454]
      Shoes [2455]
      Structures, Vehicles
      Other [251]
   Friends & Family
      Other [2452]
   Other Vintage
Reproduction [4699]
Books, Magazines

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