The new listings page will display all of the relevant eBay listings based on a user’s search query, with enhanced search logic to find relevant matches.

The old "Ticket Finder" box, formerly located in the left hand navigation bar on search results, will be replaced by a number of links at the top of the page. These links will allow you to search for tickets by type, and help you quickly narrow your search by details such as venue, date, sports team, and number of tickets desired.

In the listing results area, users will notice a new layout style for the listings, as well as the added benefit of Section and Row data now showing in all listings. Additionally, a new field for “Number of Tickets” will show so that users can easily identify how many tickets the seller has available.

How Do I Access the New Tickets Search Experience?

Only a small number of users will enter this experience during the test period. Users may enter the new experience through search or browse. Search queries that are specific enough to enter into the Event Tickets category may encounter the new experience.

You may also enter the new experience by browsing to the Tickets category and selecting links or running a search from the Tickets category page.